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@mad-ady mad-ady released this Dec 13, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Doom from doom-ng-odroid-go branch with the following features:

  • sound (thanks to @GadgetWorkbench)
  • SD support for Doom.wad (thanks to @GadgetWorkbench). Full Doom works, Doom2 as well (but currently too slowly to enjoy), while Plutonia/TNT crash and run out of memory. The WAD name must (currently) be doom.wad.
  • Custom key mapping, cheat codes and better weapon toggling:

Here's a release with new key bindings to improve movement (some areas require running/strafing):

  • DPAD - move
  • A - fire
  • B - strafe + run
  • Menu - toggles menu
  • Volume - toggles map
  • Select - switches weapons (and in future releases will also type "y")
  • Start - use/Enter (open doors, push buttons)

You can also activate cheat codes with the following key combinations:

  • Menu + Up - IDDQD (Invulnerability)
  • Menu + Down - IDKFA (Keys + weapons)
  • Menu + Left - IDCLIP (going through walls)
  • Menu + Right - IDBEHOLDH (200 health)
  • Volume + Up - IDBEHOLDL (lights on)
  • Volume + Down - IDBEHOLDS (berserk mode)
  • Volume + Left - IDBEHOLDI (invisibility) - doesn't seem to do much visually
  • Volume + Right - idclev## (cycles through maps)

Weapon selection goes from current to lower weapon (e.g. rocket launcher -> chaingun) so that when you run out of bullets from your top weapon you don't switch to the fist.


  • Prepare the following directories on your SD card:
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