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This repository represents an extension for Magento 1.x that offers a developer debug toolbar. The idea came from robhudson's django-debug-toolbar. Latest version is based on Symfony's WebProfilerBundle UI.



  • Request and Controller information: lists request attributes and controller that handled the request; captures request info for Ajax and POST requests
  • Execution Timeline: shows execution timeline based on Varien Profiler timers
  • Logs: shows log lines added to system and exception logs during a request
  • Events: shows all events dispatched during request and observers that were called
  • Database: lists all models and collections loaded during a request; when SQL profiler is enabled, lists all SQL queries executed and offers the ability to see their result or describe their execution plan
  • E-mails: lists sent e-mails with preview
  • Layout: outputs rendering tree, lists layout handlers loaded during current request and adds ability to see updated added by layout files to specific handle; offers information about instantiated and rendered blocks
  • Configuration: lists available Magento modules with their status and their version; also offers the ability to enable/disable them
  • Toolbar Tools: contains quick links to flush cache, enable template hints, enable SQL profiler, enable Varien Profiler, enable Magento Enterprise full page cache debug

Don't forget to check out screenshots gallery


Using Modman

  • Make sure you have Modman installed

  • Allow symlinks for the templates directory (required for installations via Modman)

    • Use n98-magerun like pro: n98-magerun.phar dev:symlinks
    • Or just set 'Allow Symlinks' to 'Yes' from System - Configuration / Advanced / Developer / Template Settings
  • Install Debug Toolbar module:

cd [magento root folder]
modman init
modman clone
  • Flush Magento's cache

How to update

I'm pretty lazy and I don't like to create Magento Connect packages. With modman you can effortlessly grab latest changes from github.

cd [magento root folder]
modman update magneto-debug
  • Flush Magento's cache

Using composer

Lately, I've been more into composer and thanks to this project you can use it for your Magento 1.x websites.

# Add package as requirement to composer.json
composer require madalinoprea/magneto-debug
# Clear cache and voila..

Change Log

All released versions can be found on releases' page.

  • Latest version: 1.8.0
    • Adds ability to disable/enable profile persistence via Tools / Persist Request Profile (detailed view is disabled)
    • Fixes fatal error when downloader was accessed

Issues, Ideas or Feedback

Please don't be afraid to use issue tracker on GitHub to report issues, ideas or any feedback. Also I encourage you to send pull requests. I'll review them, change them a bit and make sure unit tests are ok (pedantic 👴).


Stories in Ready

My goal is to have weekly releases with some meaningful features. To stay focused I use a Scrum board that shows backlog, selected work for current interation and progress.

Hot fix versions are released as soon as possible, outside of our weekly release schedule and they are triggered by some 😿-astrophic issue.


Aggregated Build Status

Extension is (hopefully) successfully unit tested against PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5 and Magento CE 1.9, Magento CE 1.8, Magento CE 1.7 and their related Magento Enterprise versions.

If you would like to support it on another version let us know.

Common Issues

  • 'Mage Registry key already exists' exception is raised after installation

    • Mage registry key "_singleton/debug/observer" already exists is reported when cache regeneration was corrupted. Please try to flush Magento cache.
  • Doesn'work. I see these logs on var/log/system.log: Not valid template file:adminhtml/default/default/template/sheep_debug/toolbar.phtml

    • If you installed the module using modman you've missed an important step. Search this page after 'Allow symlinks for the templates directory' and complete that step.
  • I can't see toolbar.

    • Toolbar is displayed in these conditions:
      • module is installed and enabled
      • toolbar is enabled from Admin / System / Configuration / Advanced - Developer Debug Toolbar (by default it's enabled)
      • Magento is running in developer mode (MAGE_IS_DEVELOPER_MODE) Or your ip is listed under under 'Developer Client Restrictions'
    • Check that module name Sheep_Debug is installed and enabled
    • Check that 'Allow Symlinks' configuration is enabled for Modman installation
  • I can't see toolbar on specific page

    • Toolbar is added to all pages that have a structural block named before_body_end. By default this block is available on all Magento pages. Eliminate a possible cache problem by disabling all caches. Try to determine if there are any customizations that have removed before_body_end.
  • Fatal error while running unit tests

    • If you get error PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie headers already sent by you should review your phpunit configuration file and redirect phpunit output to stderr, please check my configuration file from phpunit.xml
    • More details can be found here #83

Authors, contributors


MIT License

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