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This repository represents an extension for Magento 1.x that offers a debug toolbar. The idea came from robhudson's django-debug-toolbar.



  • Request and Controller information: lists request attributes and controller that handled the request
  • Models: lists all models and collections loaded during the request; all executed SQL queries are listed when SQL Profiler is enabled
  • Module listing: lists available Magento modules with their status and their version; also offers the ability to enable/disable them
  • Design Objects: lists layout handlers loaded during current request and adds ability to see layout files updates to a specific handle
  • Blocks: offers information about instantiated and rendered block
  • Logs: shows log lines added to system and exception 'during' the request.
  • Utils: contains quick links to flush cache, enable template hints, enable SQL profiler
  • Configuration offers ability to search Magento configurations (review cronjobs, event observers, etc)

Don't forget to check out screenshots gallery


Using Modman

  • Make sure you have Modman installed
  • Allow symlinks for the templates directory (required for installations via Modman)
  • Install Debug Toolbar module: bash cd [magento root folder] modman init modman clone
  • Flush Magento's cache

How to update

I'm pretty lazy and I don't like to create Magento Connect packages. With modman you can effortlessly grab latest changes from github.

cd [magento root folder]
modman update magneto-debug
  • Flush Magento's cache

Via Magento Connect

Extension is not updated regularly on Magento Connect. My recommendation is to use modman.

cd [magento root folder]
sudo ./mage install community MagnetoDebug

Magento Connect extension package is available here:

Issues, Ideas or Feedback

Use issue tracker on GitHub to report issues, ideas or any feedback.

Common Issues

  • 'Mage Registry key already exists' exception is raised after installation

    • Mage registry key "_singleton/debug/observer" already exists is reported when cache regeneration was corrupted. Please try to flush Magento cache.
  • I can't see toolbar.

    • Toolbar is displayed in these conditions:
      • module is installed and enabled
      • toolbar is enabled from Admin / System / Configuration / Advanced - Developer Debug Toolbar (by default it's enabled)
      • Magento is running in developer mode (MAGE_IS_DEVELOPER_MODE) Or your ip is listed under under 'Developer Client Restrictions'
    • Check that module name Sheep_Debug is installed and enabled
    • Check that 'Allow Symlinks' configuration is enabled for Modman installation
  • I can't see toolbar on specific page

    • Toolbar is added to all pages that have a structural block named before_body_end. By default this block is available on all Magento pages. Eliminate a possible cache problem by disabling all caches. Try to determine if there are any customizations that have removed before_body_end.

Change Log

  • 1.2.0:
    • Fixes SELECT and DESCRIBE operations for long queries
    • Better way to identify what logging lines were added during request
    • Various minor UI improvements (order of the panel, panel titles)
    • Structural changes to improve stability and prepare new features

Authors, contributors


MIT License


  • Replace jQuery with prototype
  • Persist request info and add ability to view previous requests, including Ajax or API requests
  • Reduce toolbar weight: simplify presented information, add separate request info view page
  • Add request info listing (shows persisted request infos)
  • Add unit tests
  • Add Travis
  • Add more detailed documentation
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