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Tyra - Feminine Blog Powered by Gatsby

Contributions Welcome MIT License

Tyra is a Gatsby starter that focuses on legibility and a clean, feminine design with 2010 influences. Technically, the goals for Tyra are having a "plug and play" blog, with great SEO, tooling, and integrations all included.

Deploy to Netlify

Getting Started

The first step with using Tyra is customizing your metadata in gatsby-config.js.

siteMetadata: {
  navbarLinks: [
    {to: "/makeup", name: "Makeup"},
    {to: "/lifestyle", name: "Lifestyle"},
    {to: "/blog", name: "blog"},
  title: "", // The name of your blog
  description: "", // SEO Description
  siteUrl: "", // Base URL of your blog (
  homepageHeader: "", // Header text for the homepage
  homepageAbout: "", // Banner body for the homepage
  mailChimpUrl: "", // Link you your mailchimp campaign (From the embedded form maker)
  mailChimpToken: "", // The hidden field on mailchimp forms
  pinterest: "", // Your pinterest profile
  facebook: "", // Your facebook profile
  twitter: "", // Your twitter profile

This is used for configuring data across the site, improving SEO, and increasing engagement on social media.

Next up, you can begin customizing the images and copy in content/. Finally, you can add your own blog posts! Posts are written in Markup, an easy way to create webpages.

Installation with gatsby-cli

gatsby new my-site

Installation with git clone

git clone my-site cd my-site yarn install

To develop

yarn develop

To build

yarn build


Screenshot of Tyra Homepage

Adding your Content

Tyra uses markdown for writing blog posts, and follows a simple template for adding new posts. To add a new blog post, create a file in content/posts/ with the following:


type: "post"
title: "My Awesome Post Title"
author: "My Name"
category: "My Category"
date: "2019-01-05"
slug: "/my-awesome-post"
postImage: "./img/myimage.jpg"
metaDescription: "This is my first awesome and cool post!!!"


You can write your post here using markdown! Link to images in the `img` folder using this syntax:

![Alt Text](./img/my-image.jpeg)

Images for posts are stored in content/posts/img/. Images in the frontmatter will be used as thumbnails for the articles, as well as in search results.


Tyra is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

Thanks and Mentions

  • The GatsbyJS Team for creating an amazing platform.
  • Netlify for making static site hosting even easier.
  • Unsplash and the Free Photography Community.