Ansible Playbooks for Security Automation with Ansible2 book
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Security Automation with Ansible2

This repository contains all the code, playbooks, details regarding the book on Security Automation with Ansible2.


Part-1: Essential Ansible for building complex playbooks

  • Introduction to Ansible Playbooks and Roles
  • Ansible Tower, Jenkins and other automation tools

Part-2: Security automation techniques and approaches

  • Setting up a hardened WordPress with encrypted automated backups
  • Log monitoring and server-less automated defense (ELK in AWS)
  • Automated Web Application Security Testing using OWASP ZAP
  • Vulnerability Scanning with Nessus
  • Security Hardening for applications and networks
  • Continuous security scanning for Docker containers
  • Automating lab setups for forensics collection, malware analysis

Part-3: Extending and programming Ansible for even more security

  • Writing an Ansible module for security testing
  • Ansible security best practices, references and further reading