Zepto.js 1.1.7

@mislav mislav released this Jul 13, 2016 · 167 commits to master since this release


  • Fix fn.closest() on collections of multiple elements
  • text() returns text from all matching selectors
  • Fix offset() on documentElement
  • Use the standard API for CSS selector matches
  • append() now accepts array of DOM nodes
  • Add multi-window support for embedded scripts
  • Fix css() batch setting on non-existing element
  • Convert null/undefined into "" in fn.val() for jQuery compatibility
  • Improve detection of array-like objects


  • Fix appending ajax params to URLs that have a hash component
  • Add ajax support for receiving binary data
  • Sufficiently randomize JSONP callback names
  • Fix assigning query params from data with explicit JSONP


  • Avoid IE10 error by checking if element is in the DOM before calling getBoundingClientRect
  • Added support for pseudo-elements in IE getComputedStyle shim
  • Fix use of ajax xhrFields on Android 2.3 and Windows Mobile
  • Fx: avoid using vendor prefixes if unprefixed is supported


  • Fix dasherize bug in fx module
  • Fix swipe event of touch module
  • Avoid exception in doubleTap
  • Accept function as data for on event handler
  • Populate event.timeStamp if it's 0 or missing