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This code lives at the google code server here:

Originally it came from this discussion thread:

And that had this download link:

Here's an older Readme.txt file that I found from a file BMDview2.rar

latest version of BMD View 2 at

without the install. Later versions of the BMD View 2 might show up later
in the thread.

-Move controls-
to move, use the arrow keys. Forward and backward to move forward and
backward, and left and right to pan. Hold Shift to go faster while you
move, and Ctrl to move slower. Also, you can use I, J, K, and L to look
around (Holding left click and moving the mouse works also) Use U, and
O to rotate the view.

-control model properties-
(press F1 to show controls)
W - For Wireframe
T - Scene Graph (use with shift to hide joints)
B - Show Bones of the model
c - Don't cull (shows back sides of polygons)
A - Don't alphaset (renders transparent colors)
Q - Don't Blend (renders translucent textures as white)
E - Color weighted verticies*
H - Hide model (use for seeing bones easier)*
G - Disable Shaders*
1 - Show only vertex colors (disables textures)*
2 - Ignore Vertex color (renders with textures as their normal colors)
9 - Show batch Bounding Boxes
0 - Show joint bounding Boxes
*Use to increase FPS.

-How to view models and animations-
Besides the obvious ways of file>open, and dragging the file on the
executable, you can open a blank window and drag the model in the

When the model is open, you can drag animation files in the window
(.bck, and .btp) but the animation has to correspond with the model,
usually the names of the files will have the same beginning.

==Reasons for bugs==
First of all, make sure that you have the latest drivers for your
graphics card, and make sure your graphics card also supports Pixel
shaders. You might find graphics glitches if your graphics card
doesnt support support pixel shaders.

==closing notes==
This model viewer was written by Thakis, with thanks to yaz0r,
_demo_, Master PhW, and Lightning. Readme written by BlueFalcon7.
This viewer has no affiliation with Nintendo what so ever.

The official emutalk thread for this program can be found at
(part 1), and at
(part 2).


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