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Русский README

Fad Yii Cms (dev)

Easy CMS based on Yii (1.1.12) with the basic modules and extensions to start. Code style is PSR-1/PSR-2.

Instead SQL dump used migrations, extended extension with modules support.


CMS working with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, other types of DB not tested at now (coming soon).


  1. Download latest version Yii Fad CMS and unzip to web server.
  2. Download latest version Yii Framework and unzip.
  3. Open to edit index.php from CMS and specify the path to the Yii Framework ($yii var)
    • Since the CMS use configs for development (dev.php) and production (sure merged with main.php config), you can specify different paths $yii in development (example for localhost) and production (for working site) mode.
  4. Open URL where Yii CMS. Example http://localhost/cms/ and follow the instructions of installer!



  console.php       options yiic (console)
  db.php            return options for database connection (will be created after install)
  dev.php           options for development
  main.php          general options - all options merged width this (mergeArray)
  modules.php       return array of modules (before install only one install module, after installation selected modules will return)
  production.php    options for production
  urlRules.php      additional rules for CUrlManager



  AdjacencyListBehavior     parent_id, level, sort_order (SortableBehavior)
  InlineWidgetsBehavior     embed widgets to the page
  NestedSetBehavior         nested set behavior for AR models (from yiiext)
  SaveBehavior              auto create_user_id, update_user_id, create_time, update_time
  SortableBehavior          sort_order
  StatusBehavior            statusable behavior



  admin/            admin main — list and settings modules, version of Yii and PHP
  auth/             RBAC users (yii-auth)
  blog/             blog
  comment/          comments behavior
  contact/          feedback (support for sending via SMTP)
  gallery/          gallery (galleria frontend)
  install/          installer
  menu/             menu
  news/             news
  page/             pages
  sitemap/          sitemap (tree-like sitemap/, sitemap.xml)
  social/           social networks  (vk, facebook)
  user/             users (include eauth, eoauth, lightopenid)



  aceEditor/        code editor (widget)
  addThis/          social buttons from addThis (widget)
  bootstrap/        yiiBooster
  elFinder/         file manager for tinyMce
  galleria/         galleria
  grid/             Nested Set GridView
  image/            Kohana Image Library
  jui/              DateTimePicker with time picker
  mail/             SwiftMailer
  migrate-command/  Extended migrations with modules support
  syncTranslit/     behavior and widget for translit values (ActiveRecord)
  tinymce/          WYSIWYG editor


  blog/extensions/taggable/     taggable Behavior
  gallery/widgets/photoManager  photo manager
  news/widgets/LastNews         latest news
  user/extensions/eauth/        Yii EAuth extension


  /robots.txt                           General rules for search engines
  /protected/autocomplete.php           Auto complete for IDE
  /protected/components/CommandExecutor Component for use console commands (example migrate)
  /protected/components/Controller      extended RController
  /protected/components/FadTbGridView   extended TbGridView
  /protected/components/WebModule       extended CWebModule


Extensions of fad yii cms

Party extensions



  • create website and community
  • switch to sourceLanguage = en (~15%)
  • creating something blocks of content (like ModX)
  • creation of templates to manage user (Rights ext) under CMS now yii-auth with bootstrap
  • installer
  • possibility to edit the page directly on the site (like Google Sites)
  • support SQLite
  • support MSSQL
  • support PostgreSQL
  • support Oracle

I will appreciate any help in improving the project, and, of course, pull requests.