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Purpose of plugin

The magento/composer-root-update-plugin Composer plugin resolves changes that need to be made to the root project composer.json file before updating to a new Magento product requirement.

This is accomplished by comparing the root composer.json file for the Magento project corresponding to the Magento version and edition in the current installation with the Magento project composer.json file for the target Magento product package when the composer require command runs and applying any deltas found between the two files if they do not conflict with the existing composer.json file in the Magento root directory.

Getting Started

For system requirements and installation instructions, see in the source directory.


For a usage overview and example use cases, see in the source directory.

Developer documentation

Class descriptions, process flows, and any other developer documentation can be found in the docs directory.


Each Magento source file included in this distribution is licensed under OSL 3.0.

Open Software License (OSL 3.0).

Please see LICENSE.txt for the full text of the OSL 3.0 license or contact for a copy.

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