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  • Features:
    • Extended navigation from PHP class to its XML declaration to support any configs
    • Documented local environment set up for plugin development
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed NullPointerException


  • Features:
    • Added JavaScript reference contributor
    • Support references for each part of FQN of PHP class, methods, constants
    • Support reference from XML/JavaScript for module name
    • Support reference from XML/JavaScript for module element path (e.g. Magento_Catalog::product/list/addto/compare.phtml)
    • Added project detector
    • Move configuration section to "Languages & Frameworks > Php > Magento"
    • Remove deprecated elements


  • Features:
    • Added Module name to configuration tooltip
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed "Project disposed" exception


  • Features:
    • added module name for "Goto configuration" labels


  • Features:
    • WebApi routes
    • nicer "Goto configuration" labels
    • plugin settings (manual reindex, URN generation, plugin on/off)


  • Features:
    • Context type completion for:
      • Observers completion only for ObserverInterface impl in events.xml
      • Blocks completion only for BlockInterface name in layouts.xml
      • Preference configuration in di.xml
      • Type hinting for object arguments in di.xml
    • @api usage inspection in Module context
    • ObjectManager usage inspection in Module context
    • virtualType arguments resolution
    • webapi.xml interface/method completion/references
    • Support for old people using PhpStorm 8 or JDK1.7


  • Features:
    • Added Reference and completion support for layouts
      • block: class, before, after
      • referenceBlock: name
      • move: element, destination, before, after
      • remove: name
      • update: handle
      • referenceContainer: name
    • Line marker reference for php class to Layout configuration


  • Features:
    • Added Line marker reference for php class/interface to DI configuration
    • Added Line marker reference to plugins


  • Features:
    • Added reference to configuration and observers (classes or virtualType)
    • Added reference to observers from configuration
    • Added reference to event dispatch from configuration


  • Features:
    • Added reference and completion support for virtual types/classes/arguments in DI configuration


  • Features:
    • Added reference support for classes/interfaces in DI configuration
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