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Cash on delivery module for Magento 2
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This module has been moved under the responsibility of "it4mage" group. Please check this URL: .

Cash On Delivery for Magento 2

This module is a Cash On Delivery implementation for Magento2 allowing you to define an additional fee based on destination country, region and total amount.

Main features:

  • Multiple currencies allowed
  • Multi store allowed
  • Percent or static fee supported
  • Fee per country / region / amount
  • Default fee fallback
  • Multi website support
  • Exclude specific regions

Installing in your Magento

  • From your CLI run: composer require msp/cashondelivery
  • Log-in your Magento backend
  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Cash On Delivery
  • Configure Cash On Delivery according to your preferences

Configuring fees

  • Log-in your Magento backend
  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Cash On Delivery
  • Scroll down untill you see Export CSV button
  • Click and download msp_cashondelivery.csv file
  • Change the CSV file and upload using the "browse" button
  • Save

CSV syntax

MSP Cash On Delivery CSV file syntax is really simple. You have 5 columns: country, region, from_amount, fee, website

  • country: ISO 2 letters country code. Use * as wildcard to indicate all countries
  • region: Region name. Use * as wildcard to indicate all regions
  • from_amount: Indicates the minimum amount to apply the additional fee
  • fee: The fee to apply (in base currency). Adding % after the fee indicates a percent value
  • website: Magento website code (e.g.: base). Use * as wildcard to indicate all websites

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