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Sample component page with live preview, form, and API tables
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Sample component page with live preview, form, and API tables

This is the sample page I demonstrated during my presentation at SmashingConf in NYC, October 15, 2019. It's a simple example that shows how a live component demo could be configured to stay in sync with its data. The component is marked up with HTML, and the data values manipulate its CSS & markup.

The code is not packaged for distribution, nor is it a fully featured component page :), but I've added a license if you'd like to reuse any of it.

This runs on:

  • 11ty, a very simple (and yet incredibly useful) static site generator
  • jQuery because the next plugin, X-rayHTML needs it, but if you have your own JS utilities and/or logic for extracting rendered code from your components to display on a component page, you could probably use your own.
  • X-rayHTML is a little script we use for our Filament Group documentation projects to display rendered component code. The one in this repo is customized to work with Vue, specifically -- if X-ray has already set up the demo markup (the init step), on subsequent passes it will only update the inner source code.
  • Vue let's us change the DOM by manipulating JSON

To view it locally:

Clone this repo to your machine and then run:

npm install

...mostly for 11ty to work. The dependencies listed above are in a package.json file, however this example code is not set up to import packages (maybe a future version will be!).

Then run

npx eleventy --serve

to serve up the page. (See 11ty's getting started page for more info on running 11ty.)

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