Used to be a modern list library for Emacs (renamed to dash)
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bang.el has been renamed to dash.el

Get it here:

Oh dear, why?

Renaming a project is such a hassle. There has to be some good reason.

The bang signifies a destructive operation

In ruby, methods often have two forms - with or without the !. The method with a bang is then destructive. The functions in dash on the other hand are all non-destructive, pure functions.

The ! prefix made for jarring visuals

Looking at code with bangs everywhere was noisy. So while bang was a fitting name in that regard, the dash looks a lot better.

The new name is quite dashing.

Ahem, sorry. But while bang brings up images of explosions and brute force, dash is speedy and elegant. Not too shabby of a name I'd say.