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Aeon Nox 5 for OpenPHT

I'm very pleased to announce the release of my port of the Aeon Nox 5 from Kodi for Plex Home Theater.

Aeon Nox 5 has 28 different viewtypes, an intuitive and graceful GUI and lots of configuration options.


OpenPHT now supports automatic installation of Aeon Nox 5 from within the application itself.



  • Bignoid for creating Aeon Nox 5 for Kodi
  • mikesilvo164 for Aeon Nox Silvo
  • kwiboo for all his hardwork on OpenPHT and his help with Aeon Nox
  • bkury for his hardwork on OpenPHT and adding so many cool skinning features to OpenPHT, and for his Night skin which has been a valuable resource for picking apart the OpenPHT skinning engine
  • Steveb for the Fanartlist, BannerInfo and Shiftcase viewtypes
  • Warner306 for the Small Icons viewtype
  • manfeed for the simulated discart, Music mods and Shelf 3D Viewtype
  • SeedyEvil for the Now Playing mod
  • schimi2k (RIP) for media flags
  • Mr. V for the homemenu widgets
  • neurosis13 for the color media flags
  • newyears1978 for the icons he made for Aeon Nox
  • Tgx for fanart from his Black Glass Nova skin
  • Aeon MQ for fanart
  • frodo19 for the Aeon Nox Genre Icon template
  • TBinfection for the Genre fanart
  • Metropolis for some of the OSD options
  • bugatsinho for the Greek translation
  • danichispa for the Spanish translation
  • sebastianklein for the German translation
  • aeronnl and FREAKJAM for the Dutch translation
  • aeronnl, FREAKJAM, nedthenerd, dlanor and dan-the-man for testing
  • Extra special thanks to i/o for his help during the early stages of this project.
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