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Updated the "note on moving binaries between systems" (32-bit SPARC i…

…s not any

special anymore, but some make targets tell the C compiler to generate code for
the host's CPU).
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@@ -53,11 +53,18 @@ like and use John from there.
A note on moving binaries between systems.
-On some architectures, certain system hardware performance parameters
-are detected at compile time; in particular, this is done for 32-bit
-SPARC and for "generic" make targets. If you then move the binary
-executable to a different machine running the same OS, you might not
-get the best performance. Thus, it is recommended to re-compile John
-on each system where possible.
-$Owl: Owl/packages/john/john/doc/INSTALL,v 1.4 2006/01/02 04:43:25 solar Exp $
+With the "generic" make target, certain machine hardware performance
+parameters are detected at compile time. Additionally, some OS-specific
+make targets tell the C compiler to generate and optimize code for the
+machine's specific CPU type (this currently applies to C compilers other
+than gcc only). If you then move the binary executable to a different
+machine, you might not get the best performance or the program might
+not run at all if the CPU lacks features that the C compiler assumed it
+would have. Thus, it is recommended to recompile John on each system if
+you use one of these make targets.
+Since Linux and *BSD distributions' packages of John typically use make
+targets other than "generic" and since they typically use gcc, they are
+usually not affected by this potential problem.
+$Owl: Owl/packages/john/john/doc/INSTALL,v 1.5 2010/05/27 13:37:48 solar Exp $

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