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Document the OSX problem with OpenCL kernel header files.

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@@ -17,7 +17,13 @@ Many OpenCL formats fail at runtime on Mac OS X (whereas CUDA ones work
fine). We've seen these fail on Mac OS X 10.8.1: bf-opencl,
mscash2-opencl, nt-opencl, rar, raw-sha512-opencl, sha512crypt-opencl,
wpapsk-opencl, and xsha512-opencl. We suspect that this may be caused
-by driver bugs. The same formats work fine on Linux.
+by driver bugs. The same formats work fine on Linux using the same
+OS X also has a problem with run-time compile of kernels that include
+header files. A workaround is to cd to the src directory and run each
+OpenCL format once. After that, the kernel binary is cached so you can
+move away from the src directory.
In GPU-enabled builds, running "john --test" (with no --format
restriction) will eventually fail (before it has a chance to test all

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