- Curation Trail, Fanbase, Scheduled Posts, ... for Users.
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Project is under development (re-coding)
We will use Angular 6 in the new release, repo: mahdiyari/steemauto-new

steemauto - Curation Trail, Fanbase, Scheduled Posts, ... for Users. check @steemauto on for more information about this project.


Back-end developed by PHP and Javascript (nodejs). Front-end developed by HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript.


If you want to install and test on your private server, you will need apache2 (for running php codes) and npm + nodejs (+ npm install pm2) for running /nodejs/ codes.
Install mysql and import /mysql.sql file to your mysql database
You should edit /inc/conf/db.php
Put all files in your apache2 (or any PHP server) and edit /nodejs/config.js and start all /nodejs/.js files by pm2 (except config.js)
Now, you should be able to explore steemauto in your local server
You will need to change @steemauto to your account name in /dash.php to login and using steemauto
also, you must edit /inc/dep/login_register.php and add your steemconnect app information


Any contributions (suggestions and developments) are welcome!


GNU General Public License v3.0