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Firmware files for Bebop 1 Drone
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132_updater_payload.plf - First Release Mar 14, 2017
19810_updater_payload.plf - First Release Mar 14, 2017
4_0_5_updater_payload.plf Add Version 4 Firmware Apr 27, 2017

Connect your PC to your WiFi network of Bebop
Click Bebop power button 4 times
Start a Telnet client to connect to
Type "mount -o remount,rw /" Type "vi version.txt" followed by ENTER
Type "r1:wq" followed by ENTER. This will cause the Bebop to think it's running an older version of the firmware.
Connect FTP and send the file "updater_payload.plf" folder to the “internal_000" folder
Disconnect from FTP and Telnet back into Bebop
Type "/bin/updater/ /data/ftp/internal_000" followed by ENTER (note the space after "sh")
Type "reboot" followed by ENTER
Wait patiently for the firmware installation. During installation, the LED will blink in green orange and Bebop will test engine. When the cooling fan will begin the installation will be completed. Extra: Factory Reset drone by holding power button 15 seconds (this will reset all your drone settings to default, should be done if down grading)

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