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Tarantool Lua stored procedures
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Latest commit 24a5091 @jirfag jirfag Merge pull request #45 from BHYCHIK/master
Make selist2 faster
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flyd Flyd: use variable arguments count for get request
test tntlua: implement a basic testing framework.
.gitignore tntlua: implement a basic testing framework.
addrbook.lua addrbook.lua: addrbook extensions
auto_increment.lua format to fmt fix
autoreply_limiter.lua autoreply_limiter.lua: add expiration of tuples
benchmark.lua benchmark.lua: simple tarantool benchmarking framework
bida.lua bida.lua: simple birthday storage
calinda.lua calinda.lua: fqueue wrapper for calendar letters queue
cnt.lua cnt.lua: object interface
expirationd.lua fiber:status() to box.fiber.status(fiber)
fifo.lua Use local.
fqueue.lua 1.5.1 compatible + fixes
hermes.lua hermes.lua: global increment of user error number
irina.lua irina.lua: rewrite collector resharding logic
list_mailer.lua list_mailer.lua: add new extended command
livads.lua livads.lua: do not insert temp tuple into db
mrimoff.lua mrimoff.lua: fix race condition on mrim_add
msglinks.lua msglinks: method for bulk deleting of msglinks
mstat.lua mstat.lua: ignore deprecated space 5
norepres.lua norepres.lua: add utility functions for selecting old tuples and dele…
notifications.lua Change plus to minus in box.update(), don't use negatives.
pdduch.lua a bunch of examples added
profiles.lua profile_print string parameters to number
queue.lua some basic stats
raspberry.lua Update raspberry.lua
rico.lua rico.lua: fix tarantool return empty table behaivour
rima.lua rima.lua: add rima_put_sync function for synchronous version of put
selist.lua Make selist2 faster
signals.lua signals.lua - IPC between tarantool's clients
sigstor.lua sigstor.lua: changes in signature types
sorted_array.lua sorted_array procedures was fixed.
spammerdb.lua spammerdb.lua: fix misprint (thanks to Alexey Kapitansky)
tqueue.lua tqueue fix


Collection of Tarantool/Box stored procedures.
Release 0.1

This collection is for Tarantool 1.5

You can load any of these procedure sets by doing
lua dofile("name.lua")
in the administrative console.

Alternatively, place the file in the server working directory,
having named it init.lua, the server will read and load
it at start.
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