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A collection of awesome browser extensions for Salesforce.
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Awesome browser extensions for Salesforce Awesome

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A collection of awesome browser extensions for Salesforce. Read complete list of awesome-salesforce resources.

Toggle it - Turn Developer mode On/Off with click   

To debug javascript on visualforce page in, quite often user have to turn off 'Development Mode' on and off. This application will let you toggle on/off in one click in and no time and makes life easy for your debug JavaScript on pages. The objective is to make life easy for developer and make a handy tool Login    

This extension manages your login information and lets you quickly login. Most of the developers have multiple accounts, and they are tired of entering username and password every time they move from an account to the other

Salesforce Navigator  

Using this extension, you can navigate to any Salesforce setup page just by hitting a configurable keyboard shortcut, then enter some search text. The best thing about this extension is that it comes up on your browser like Apple’s spotlight and you don’t need to navigate to any other page.

Salesforce advanced Code searcher  

Use this extension to search of Code modules, shows up on your Setup page

Salesforce Developer Tool Suite  

Very useful extension for viewing and managing your logs without leaving your current Salesforce tab. It also has other great features like adding a log request for the current user, filtering logs, and log options

Salesforce API Fieldnames  

This simple yet usefull extension replaces all field labels of an object detail page (standard layout) with the corresponding API names.

Salesforce.con ID Converter  

Quick Salesforce ID converter from 15 to 18 digit format.

Salesforce Lighting Components Inspector   

Chrome Developer Tools Extension for inspecting Salesforce Lightning Component apps

Salesforce ORGanizer   

Useful tools for developers and administrators

Salesforce Dev Tools  

Salesforce Dev Tools is a simple but powerful chrome extension for doing the below things:
・Export objects api documents (Excel).
・Show fields api name on Salesforce object detail page.
・Generate apex code for unit test coding.
・Quick access to new record page, list page and object setting page.

Salesforce Mass Editor  

Salesforce Mass Editor is a chrome extension supports to mass insert, clone, update, delete records, export data to csv and copy&paste from excel with multiple rows and cells, it works on any Salesforce list view.

Ebsta For Salesforce  

The extension automatically cross-references Salesforce based on the web page you’re looking at and gives you 1-click access to view the Salesforce record without leaving the page. You can also edit and update records, manage tasks, Chatter and heaps more - it’s like a pocket sized SFDC inside every website you visit.

Salesforce Logins by Synebo   

Free extension to manage salesforce credentials. Supports Custom Domains, Comunity, Sandbox e.t.c. Easy import and export. Automatically share credentials through google account by signing into chrome.

Apex Debugger  

Improved view of debug logs. Press Shift+d from any salesforce page to open Debug Logs and start tracking current user.

• Improved view of logs (select from available themes).
• Search string in latest logs
• Click any Id in logs to go to Object (Class, Trigger, Validation Rule e.t.c).
• Indent User Debug (sObject, List, XML or JSON)

Salesforce Change Set Turbo  

Creates change sets faster. Page does not reload for adding or removing components in the change set.

  • "View" and "Edit" mode for removing/ adding components respectively from a single screen without reloading.
  • View last modified date, last modified by, report folder name.
  • Remove multiple components by selecting manually or uploading CSV.

Salesforce Inpector  

Productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

  • Quickly view field information directly from a record detail page, edit page or Visualforce page.
  • Quickly view and edit all data for a record, even data that is not on the page layout.
  • Perform quick one-off data exports and imports directly from within Salesforce. Data can be easily copied to and from Excel. No need to log in again when you are already logged in with your browser.

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