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Is a tool to help you fix your translations files.


Please use 2.1 branch for Symfony 2.1.* applications :

composer require mdm/translator-checker-bundle 2.1@dev

Use master branch for Symfony 2.2.* applications :

composer require mdm/translator-checker-bundle dev-master

And use 2.6 branch for Symfony 2.6.* applications :

composer require mdm/translator-checker-bundle 2.6.*


Add the bundle to your AppKernel

new MDM\TranslatorCheckerBundle\MDMTranslatorCheckerBundle(),

### Detect duplicate of translation values

Sometimes your files can contains to keys with same values, used the next command to detect them :

php app/console translation:check-duplicates [culture]

### Detect missing tanslations

You can sometime forget to add `{% trans %}` token or `{{ "thing"|trans }}` filter. Can also make typos in your translations keys.

php app/console translation:check-missings [culture]

If you want to output in a Junit file use :

php app/console translation:check-missings en -n --junit myjunit.xml

Or for multiple cultures at the same time :

php app/console translation:check-missings fr,en -n --junit myjunit.xml

### Detect unused translation keys

If you want to detect keys not used in your twig :

php app/console translation:check-missings [culture] --show-unused

Of course can also be outputed in junit :

php app/console translation:check-missings fr,en -n --junit myjunit.xml --show-unused