QMaster - Modbus RTU master PC emulator
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QMaster - Modbus RTU master PC emulator


QMaster is crossplatform PC application for Modbus master device emulate

System requirements

Apllication was tested in Linux (kernel 4.13.x), Windows 7 Ultimate RC1

  • Qt5 libraries (version 5.9 or higher)
  • Hardware RS485 PC adapter to connect with slave devices



  1. Load lestest release from release page
  2. Run qmaster-vX.Y.Z-setup.exe file to setup QMaster to your system


  1. Create directory
$ mkdir qmaster
$ cd qmaster
  1. Get sources by
$ git clone https://github.com/maisvendoo/qmaster.git
  1. Create directory for building
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
  1. Execute commands
$ qmake ../qmaster
$ make
  1. Go to directory
$ cd ../bin
  1. Run
$ ./qmaster

Attention: If you use Arch Linux, you can install QMaster from AUR

$ yaourt -S qmaster