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FirePHP Log engine

FirePHP Handler (, which uses the Wildfire protocol, providing logging to Firebug Console from PHP.

WARNING: Using FirePHP on production sites can expose sensitive information. You must protect the security of your application by disabling FirePHP logging on production site.


Add to app bootstrap:

App::uses('CakeLog', 'Log');
CakeLog::config('fire', array('engine' => 'FireLog.FireLog'));

Cake will autoconfigure file log, but only if there's no already configured handlers. So append file config too:

CakeLog::config('file', array('engine' => 'FileLog'));

Test it now in controller:

CakeLog::write('error', 'Missing key: '. print_r($this->request, true));


PHP version: PHP 5.2+
CakePHP version: 2.x