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Major's Kickstarts

This is a stash for my various kickstarts for various applications. I'll try to add as many comments and explanations for each of them as I can.

Fedora 16 Minimal on XenServer 6

Fedora 16 kickstart (x86_64) and a ready-to-import XenServer 6.0 template.

Relatively normal kickstart with a few interesting parts:

  • DHCP networking with IPv6 enabled (but not required)
  • SELinux is in enforcing mode
  • extremely minimal package set
  • a pre-grub2 style grub.conf is added at the end using whichever kernel is available at installation time

Getting it into XenServer
When you're ready to use this kickstart file, open XenCenter and follow these steps:

  • VM -> New VM
  • Choose "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 (64-bit)" and press Next
  • Fill in a meaningful name
  • Click "Install from URL:" and paste this URL:
  • Press Next
  • Paste into "Advanced OS boot parameters":
  • console=hvc0 serial ip=dhcp nogpt ks=
  • Press Next
  • Choose the XenServer node for the VM and press Next
  • Choose any number of vCPU's but ensure memory is >= 2048MB, press Next
  • Configure your storage and press Next
  • Configure your network and press Next
  • If you want to convert this VM as a template (recommended), uncheck the box at the bottom and press Finish

To convert the VM to a template, right click it and choose "Convert To Template". When you want to make VM's from it, right click the template and choose "Quick Create".

Fedora 17 Minimal on XenServer 6

The Fedora 16 instructions from above should work just fine.


Various kickstart files for Red Hat-based installations



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