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This is a .NET 4.5 wrapper library for MPlayer. It has been tested on Windows XP/7/8 and Ubuntu Linux 10.10/11.04/12.04/13.04/14.04/16.04 and OpenSuse Linux 10.3. It should also work on OS X although it has not been tested. Written in C#.

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LibMPlayerCommon requires "mplayer.exe" to exist in the same directory as the dll or the path must be specified. On linux mplayer may be in the path and work without specifying a path or having mplayer in the same directory. Download mplayer for windows from It may require some tweaks to getting working on some systems.

It can play both audio and video files. It includes a sample user interface.

It currently supports play, pause, stop. seek and some other basic functionality. I only add new features as I require them or people send in patches.

See examples on the wiki pages

Commercial support available from


Download using nuget

  • PM> Install-Package MPlayerControl
  • PM> Install-Package MPlayerControl-Gtk
  • PM> Install-Package MPlayerControl-Winform


MPlayerControl is developed with the following work flow:

  • Nothing happens for weeks
  • Someone needs it to do something it doesn't already do
  • That person implements that something and submits a pull request
  • Repeat if it doesn't have a feature that you want it to have, add it
    • If it has a bug you need fixed, fix it


Flatpak MonoDevelop currently does not support loading system libraries or executables. Please use your repositories included MonoDevelop.

MPV Support

Initial mpv support has been added.

The LC_NUMERIC environment variable must be set to "C" before running an that uses LibMPlayerCommon and libmpv.



LC_NUMERIC=C mono MediaPlayer.exe

In mono develop right click the executable Project -> Options -> Run -> General add the environment varilabe here.