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The MHAPI library is a hard dependency for most community plugins
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MHAPI is a set of convenience calls intented to help you get access to things which might be difficult to find in the code otherwise. The main purpose is to serve as a base library for writing plugins for MakeHuman.

Installation and usage

If you place 1_mhapi in the plugins directory, it will self-register so that app.mhapi becomes available. Then (in a plugin or whatever it is you are working with) you can make a call to one of MHAPI's functions. For example:

from core import G
someDir =

This would store the location of the "data" directory located amongst the user's makehuman files, i.e ~/makehuman/v1/data on a unixoid system or MY DOCUMENTS\makehuman\v1\data on windows.

API reference

In the reference, "" has been excluded. So the "getHuman()" call found on the "internals" page here is actuall called "".

  • assets: These are calls related to reading, parsing and manipulating assets.
  • exports: Functionality for exporting the human to a file, and for listing available export formats.
  • internals: These are calls which you would normally not need to make. They give you low-level access to internal MakeHuman objects.
  • locations: Gives you information about file and directory locations.
  • mesh: Operations on and info about the mesh as such (ie direct access to vertices, edges and faces)
  • modifiers: Gives you control and information about modifiers and targets.
  • skeleton: Operations concerning aspects of skeleton, such as rig, pose, expression and similar.
  • ui: Operations for constructing and manipulating the UI
  • version: Information about hg and the current makehuman version.
  • viewport: Operations for manipulating the viewport and the camera
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