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MakAir Telemetry

Telemetry All dependency status

ℹ️ Telemetry tools are intended to be used as a library of the Control UI runtime, or as a CLI (eg. to test the telemetry protocol with the firmware).


Version Last Changelog Ready?
V1.0.x Working serial parsing from firmware
V1.1.x Extend telemetry protocol and add control protocol
V1.2.x Alarm code management has been reworked to use ENUMs (interoperability)
V2.0.x New lib API, protocol V2, with ventilation modes and new alarms
V2.1.x EOL tests, advanced errors
V2.2.x Support for EEPROM-based user settings storage

Telemetry Library

This crate is a library that handles reading, parsing and serializing the MakAir's telemetry binary protocol, and optionally sending new settings values using the Makair's control binary protocol.

Crate name (for imports and RUST_LOG) is makair_telemetry.

API documentation

Available Cargo features

  • rand (enabled by default): Provide standard random distribution implementations to generate control messages
  • serial (enabled by default): Enable serial support (for communicating with a MakAir)
  • serde-messages: Provide serde implementations for telemetry and control structures (Serialize and Deserialize)
  • websocket (beta): Allow to use WebSocket as transport in addition to serial or file

Telemetry CLI Tool

This crate also contains a CLI tool that leverages the library.

It has the following commands:

Command Description
control Send one specific control message to a serial port, then run debug mode
convert Read telemetry from a recorded file, parse it and convert it to another format (Warp10 GTS, JSON Text Sequences)
disable-rpi-watchdog Send a control message to disable the RPi watchdog (until MCU is restarted)
debug Read telemetry from a serial port, parse it and stream result to stdout
play Read telemetry from a recorded file, parse it and stream result to stdout
record Read telemetry from a serial port and save bytes to a file
stats Read telemetry from a recorded file, parse it and compute some statistics
storm Send a lot of control messages and/or bytes to a serial port

You can use the scripts provided in the scripts/ directory to run it through Cargo (you need a working Rust development environment).

To see documentation, you can run:

  • makair_telemetry_cli --help to see a list of available commands
  • makair_telemetry_cli [COMMAND] --help to see a list of flags and options for a given [COMMAND]


📰 [Software] Rust library and CLI tool to parse telemetry protocol payloads from the MakAir firmware.