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A TDD exercise
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Quick Start

Fork this repository to your github account and clone it to your machine. Then install the dependencies:

> git clone
> cd birthdays
> bundle


  • Test-drive an implementation of the requirements
  • Make sure your code is linted
  • Open a PR when you've finished


I want a program that I can load in IRB that allows me to

  • Store all of my friends’ birthdays so I can keep track of them
  • See them all at once with their names and birthdays each on a line in a tidy format
  • Check whose birthday it is today - the program can check through the birthdays I have stored and check each one to see if it’s someone’s birthday, and tells me something like "It's Mary Poppin's birthday today! They are 124 years old!" - otherwise it won't say anything.

More requirements:

  • Test-drive extracting a birthday class
  • Isolate your birthday list class using a mock for Birthday

TDD resources


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