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My portfolio as a developer (Francesco Canessa) - my btc addresses: 1EiNgZmQsFN4rJLZJWt93quMEz3X82FJd2 - 1Ffgm5hnVCvSbXHHjaGctwBbDxPmWHffRt
JavaScript CSS Ruby CoffeeScript
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portfolio (css3 animated gallery + content loading via ajax)

feel free to fork/reuse the project for your portfolios, the gallery is nice, isn't it?

Projects to add:

  • sinforum
  • rankey
  • many others



  • home page points to open source projects
  • put the css3 gallery in a second page

  • add things like:

  • list of other open source projects with project compleition status

    • simple readmes
    • proof of concept
    • complete
    • production ready
    • in production
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