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Stock alerts SMS app


  • simple, ~ 200 LoC program
  • stock prices feed from alphavantage
  • twilio SMS alerts
  • redis dev cache

Price feed details

You don't need a Pro account if you're ok with some delay (prices being checked once every ~10m)

Redis DB

this application requires a redis instance running locally

Twilio accounts alerts setup

  • Twilio account
  • A number registered with SMS capabilities
  • API keys configured


Edit config/stonks.rb and replace the configuration with the ticker symbols you want to watch.

The keys of the config hash are the ticker symbols. The values contain the alerts thresholds, low and high. Whenever the price crosses these values (on one direction or on the other) an SMS alert will be triggered.

Env vars / secret files

This app can be configured with environment variables and secret files, note env vars take precedence.

SMS_RECIPIENTS / ~/.stonks_sms_recipients

pipe separated list of numbers receiving the sms, if you want just one number just use the number, no spaces with international prefix e.g. +4412345678

ALPHA_VANTAGE_KEY / ~/.alphavantage-stonks-key

alphavantage api key

TWILIO_NUMBER / ~/.twilio_number

twilio number you registered (see prereqs.)

TWILIO_KEYS / ~/.twilio_keys

twilio credentials, pipe separated - TWILIO_SID|TWILIO_TOKEN - e.g. AC12762bf81fca007e3a6399bce2886932|fb5456bfc88774839f2d4d74bdf48817

hope this helps :)

have fun!