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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from distutils.version import LooseVersion
from django import get_version
from django import forms
from django.core import validators
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from django.template.defaultfilters import slugify
from django.contrib.gis.forms.widgets import BaseGeometryWidget
except (ImportError, ImproperlyConfigured):
from .backport import BaseGeometryWidget
from leaflet import app_settings, PLUGINS, PLUGIN_FORMS
class LeafletWidget(BaseGeometryWidget):
template_name = 'leaflet/widget.html'
map_srid = 4326
map_width = None
map_height = None
modifiable = True
supports_3d = False
include_media = False
settings_overrides = {}
def media(self):
if not self.include_media:
return forms.Media()
# We assume that including media for widget means there is
# no Leaflet at all in the page.
js = ['leaflet/leaflet.js'] + PLUGINS[PLUGIN_FORMS]['js']
css = ['leaflet/leaflet.css'] + PLUGINS[PLUGIN_FORMS]['css']
return forms.Media(js=js, css={'screen': css})
def serialize(self, value):
return value.geojson if value else ''
def _get_attrs(self, name, attrs=None):
assert self.map_srid == 4326, 'Leaflet vectors should be decimal degrees.'
# Retrieve params from Field init (if any)
self.geom_type = self.attrs.get('geom_type', self.geom_type)
self.settings_overrides = self.attrs.get('settings_overrides', self.settings_overrides)
# Setting 'loadevent' added in the widget constructor
loadevent = self.attrs.get('loadevent', app_settings.get('LOADEVENT'))
attrs = attrs or {}
# In BaseGeometryWidget, geom_type is set using gdal, and fails with generic.
# See
if self.geom_type == 'GEOMETRY':
attrs['geom_type'] = 'Geometry'
map_id_css = slugify(attrs.get('id', name)) # id need to have - for the inline formset to replace the prefix
map_id = map_id_css.replace('-', '_') # JS-safe
module='geodjango_%s' % map_id,
id_map=map_id_css + '-map',
id_map_callback=map_id + '_map_callback',
target_map=attrs.get('target_map', getattr(self, 'target_map', None)),
settings_overrides=attrs.get('settings_overrides', getattr(self, 'settings_overrides', None)),
geometry_field_class=attrs.get('geometry_field_class', getattr(self, 'geometry_field_class', 'L.GeometryField')),
field_store_class=attrs.get('field_store_class', getattr(self, 'field_store_class', 'L.FieldStore')))
return attrs
# Django 1.11 changed how the widgets are rendered
if LooseVersion(get_version()) >= LooseVersion('1.11'):
def get_context(self, name, value, attrs):
value = None if value in validators.EMPTY_VALUES else value
context = super(LeafletWidget, self).get_context(name, value, attrs)
context.update(self._get_attrs(name, attrs))
return context
def render(self, name, value, attrs=None):
attrs = self._get_attrs(name, attrs)
value = None if value in validators.EMPTY_VALUES else value
return super(LeafletWidget, self).render(name, value, attrs)