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Latest commit c3894a8 @kiorky kiorky Merge pull request #41 from makinacorpus/stable
mysql: orchestration typos
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_macros deliver macro kwargs
_scripts Changing 2 -> v2
bootstraps global states maintainance
cloud remove useless debug
common cleanup
controllers install git ppa on precise
doc PHP-FPM: fix some settings for opcache.ini
docker filemodes
files exclude linux headers from backups
localsettings states env fix
nodetypes remove useless
projects fix mode
requirements typo
services mysql: orchestration typos
services_managers circus: fix hooks deps exhaustivity
tests bottle test webapp
versions WIP: docker images
.coveragerc mode
.gitignore docker stuff
.pylintrc lint mc_icinga2
.travis.yml BootSalt cleanup
LICENSE.txt upgrade license up readme mode
top.sls move process managers on their own

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