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app fml
config new attempt
features stream <=> latest
graphics DG RY; moved actions to the bottom of the show pages; fixed arrows
lib bugfix and update rails
public firefox might not like quotes in font-face declarations.
script remove jammit
spec delete contacts controller and views
vendor/assets/javascripts Revert "lazyload images"
.foreman defualt foreman to run thin on port 3000 (unless otherwise specified).
.gitignore ADD PHANTOM
.gitmodules Pkg update (re-added)
.pairs for now, check in index as a flat file
.powenv MS DC; admins are now always redirected to new profile
.powrc new file for new pow
.rspec adding a bit to tubbo's spork branch
.rvmrc make rvmrc less picky about which patch level of 1.9.3 you're using
.slugignore added a few more files to ignore for the slugignore [ci skip]
.travis.yml fix rspec, disable cucumber on only need to fix jasmines
AUTHORS Adding in COPYRIGHT, AUTHORS, and blueprint attribution
COPYRIGHT Big clean up: delete trailing whitespace
Capfile Make Capistrano precompile assets on deploy
FederationProcfile basic federation profile testing stuff
GNU-AGPL-3.0 added license to every single goddamn file. also, put one in the root…
Gemfile update twitter too
Gemfile.lock update twitter too
Guardfile add wait and suppress all the cukes from starting on the specific cuc…
Procfile object_id, not post_id no breaks
Rakefile MS DG update copyright add new relic middleware monitoring support
redis-integration1.conf seperate and move redis dump files so they don't mess with installed …
redis-integration2.conf seperate and move redis dump files so they don't mess with installed …

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