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Plugin for using Postmark with Elgg
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This plugin was developped for a personal project : I liked the idea of using Postmark for all the mailing.
But the Elgg framework had only phpmailer at that time.

This plugin is based on the work of Zack Kitzmiller that I would like to thanks.


Just copy the folder into your application's plugin folder (/mod/)

The file postmarkmailer_init.SQL will be triggered during the first run of the plugin. 
It will create a table to store emails before sending them.

Configure the plugin via the administration pages.
The plugin is thought to work with a cron job to send the emails.
Like this, you can separate the user's navigation and the backend processing.
But, you can disable the functionality if your application works without cron job. 

Wherever you have to send a mail in your application, you have just to call the plugin email function :

postmark_send($from_email, $from_name, $to_email, $to_name, $subject, $body, array $bcc, $html, $files, $params)

@param string $from       From address 
@param string $from_name  From name
@param string $to         To address
@param string $to_name    To name
@param string $subject    The subject of the message.
@param string $body       The message body
@param array  $bcc        Array of address strings
@param bool   $html       Set true for html email, also consider setting altbody in $params array
@param array  $files      Array of file descriptor arrays, each file array consists of full path and name 
@param array  $params     Additional parameters
@return bool

If you send an html mail ($html = true), the plain text body is taken from the $params['plaintext'].
If no value is present in $params, the plain text message is generated via the function strip_tags.

* 0.1 First version


If you'd like to request changes, report bug fixes, or contact
the developer of this library, email <>
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