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C-Reduce for Julia

Helper scripts to reduce Julia test cases with C-Reduce


  • C-Reduce 2.8.0+, on PATH
  • Julia 1.0+, on PATH


Start by putting your test case in main.jl. If your script needs any packages, activate the package environment by sourcing the activate script from the repository's root directory, and installing packages:

$ cd /path/to/checkout
$ source activate
$ julia

You might want to reduce the number of Julia sources that exist in the depot directory (eg. remove tests, examples, etc) to speed-up the process.

Next, modify the run script to properly catch the error you are dealing with and return 0 if the reduced file is good. Often, you might just want to grep on an error message there.

Finally, execute the reduce script. This should finalize the environment and start C-Reduce.


Test case reduction happens in parallel, so make sure there's no global effects.

If reducing an assertion error, you need to have built Julia with the following options: