Represent modular arithmetic via clock symbols
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Do all your favorite clock things:

using Clockwork
@test πŸ•Ÿ+πŸ•== πŸ•” # 3:30 + 1:30 == 5:00
@test πŸ•‘^50 == πŸ•“
@test Clock("3:30") == πŸ•Ÿ
let cp = Dates.Hour(3) + Dates.Minute(30)
  @test Clock(cp) == πŸ•Ÿ
  @test Dates.CompoundPeriod(πŸ•Ÿ) == cp

Clock algebra

julia> hooks_nightmare = rand(Clock,10,10)
10x10 Array{Clockwork.Clock,2}:
 πŸ•   πŸ•’  πŸ•™  πŸ•§  πŸ•¦  πŸ•§  πŸ•™  πŸ•˜  πŸ•š  πŸ•
 πŸ•”  πŸ•›  πŸ•”  πŸ•’  πŸ•€  πŸ•₯  πŸ•₯  πŸ•’  πŸ•¦  πŸ•£
 πŸ•“  πŸ•’  πŸ•  πŸ•  πŸ•  πŸ•₯  πŸ•˜  πŸ•™  πŸ•¦  πŸ••
 πŸ•§  πŸ•’  πŸ•’  πŸ•“  πŸ•Ÿ  πŸ•‘  πŸ•™  πŸ•—  πŸ•  πŸ••
 πŸ•˜  πŸ•š  πŸ•Ÿ  πŸ•™  πŸ•’  πŸ•ž  πŸ•“  πŸ•”  πŸ•₯  πŸ•§
 πŸ•“  πŸ•§  πŸ•ž  πŸ•ž  πŸ•–  πŸ•§  πŸ•  πŸ•‘  πŸ•₯  πŸ•
 πŸ•”  πŸ•£  πŸ•”  πŸ•™  πŸ•   πŸ•”  πŸ•–  πŸ•ž  πŸ•’  πŸ••
 πŸ•›  πŸ•§  πŸ•₯  πŸ•₯  πŸ•§  πŸ•š  πŸ•™  πŸ•”  πŸ•›  πŸ•’
 πŸ••  πŸ•—  πŸ•  πŸ•§  πŸ•§  πŸ•₯  πŸ••  πŸ•“  πŸ•€  πŸ•˜
 πŸ•’  πŸ•“  πŸ•₯  πŸ•§  πŸ•£  πŸ•”  πŸ•₯  πŸ•˜  πŸ•₯  πŸ•Ÿ
julia> hooks_nightmare * rand(Clock, 10, 2)
10x2 Array{Clockwork.Clock,2}:
 πŸ•  πŸ• 
 πŸ•—  πŸ•‘
 πŸ•  πŸ•”
 πŸ•  πŸ•˜
 πŸ•‘  πŸ•’
 πŸ•§  πŸ•š
 πŸ•§  πŸ••
 πŸ•›  πŸ•
 πŸ•§  πŸ• 
 πŸ•›  πŸ•€