Process-based WSGI application host for Django.
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This package enables you to test, manage and run Django applications in their own process space.


Simply inherit your test case class from dpt.testing.FunctionalTestCase instead of unittest.TestCase.

This will cause the testrunner to start a new process and run the test in isolation. Test results will appear exactly the same.

Note that this will set up the default Django settings environment django.conf.global_settings with a SQLite in-memory database.

Running an application

For a general introduction to PasteDeploy consult its documentation.

Sample configuration deploy.ini:

use = egg:django-process-tools#app
settings = %(here)s/

use = egg:Paste#urlmap
/ = my-django-app

use = egg:Spawning
host =
port = 8080
processes = 4
threadpool_workers = 1

Note the reference to the file which in this example resides in the same directory (the here variable is substituted with the local directory).

To run the application we use PasteScript with the serve command:

$ paster serve deploy.ini


The manage command mimicks Django's script. Here's an example of an invocation of the syncdb command:

$ paster manage deploy.ini my-django-app syncdb

To show all commands:

$ paster manage deploy.ini my-django-app help

Note that if the application name is main (this short-hand is used in general with the Paste system), the command is just:

$ paster manage deploy.ini syncdb


This software is kept in source control: git repository.

For support please log on to and join #repoze.


This software is made available as-is under the BSD license.