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Quadtree library for Rust for detecting collisions between shapes in bounded 2D space.
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A quadtree-based data structure for placing shapes such as rotated rectangles in bounded 2D space, checking for collision with already placed items. badge badge license

For documentation, see


The quadtree is initialized with a width and height parameter and is generic on the type of geometry used; the package comes with support for rotated rectangles.

The following example demonstrates how the quadtree can be used to place rotated rectangles, checking for each placement whether it intersects with already placed items.

use quadtree_cd::{Tree, BoundingBox, RotatedRect as Rect};

fn main() {
    let mut tree: Tree<RR> = Tree::new(1.0, 1.0);
    let rr1 = Rect { x: 0.5, y: 0.5, w: 0.5, h: 0.5, a: PI / 4.0 };
    let rr2 = Rect { x: 0.85, y: 0.85, w: 0.15, h: 0.15, a: PI / 8.0 };

    // These rectangles are non-intersecting.
    assert!(tree.insert_unless_intersecting(rr1, &(&rr1).into()));
    assert!(tree.insert_unless_intersecting(rr2, &(&rr2).into()));

    // But this one intersects at least one.
    let rr3 = Rect { x: 0.85, y: 0.85, w: 0.25, h: 0.25, a: PI / 8.0 };
    assert!(!tree.insert_unless_intersecting(rr3, &(&rr3).into()));
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