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An JavaScript emulation of Motorola 6809 CPU

Used in all emulations at ASM80 online IDE

You can use 6809js also as Node.js or AMD module.


(a.k.a. The API)

  • window.CPU6809 - main object (instantiated at the start - it shall change)
  • CPU6809.init(memoryTo,memoryAt,ticker) - Initializes the whole system. All parameters are callback functions for port / memory access:
    • memoryTo(addr,value) - store byte to given address
    • memoryAt(addr) - read byte from given address
    • ticker(T) - unused now. For future use
  • CPU6809.T() - returns clock ticks count from last init (or reset)
  • CPU6809.reset() - does a CPU reset
  • CPU6809.set(register, value) - sets internal register (named PC, SP, U, A, B, X, Y, DP, FLAGS) to a given value (SP means S, it's for compatibility)
  • CPU6809.status() - Returns a object {pc, sp, u, a, b, x, y, dp, flags} with actual state of internal registers
  • CPU6809.steps(N) - Execute instructions as real CPU, which takes "no less than N" clock ticks.
  • CPU6809.disasm(a, b, c, d, e, pc) - Disassembler. Takes 5 successive values (the longest 6809 opcode takes 5 bytes) and value of program counter (for evaluating relative jumps). Returns array of two values - mnemo code and instruction length in bytes, eg. ["TFR X,S",2].


6809js is slightly tested with qUnit - just a basic functionality at this moment


  • full interrupts support
  • full CWAI emulation
  • HD6309 extended mode


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