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Want to recreate the Universal Studios Magical experience? Try this out, in a couple of hours you can have your own magic wand, running on a Raspberry PI 3/4.

This uses machine learning, and background subtraction with OpenCV all on a little $35 raspberry pi. Several people have now recreated the whole exerience using this tech. It might even be better than the original, since this wand experience can be taught new tricks. ;)

See the whole build, tips, tricks and comments at:

The simplest way to get started:

  • Create a fresh raspbian disk with the Desktop OS
  • Run through the instructions found in: steps_taken.txt
  • Download the git repository
  • run:
    • python

To start the support webpage:

  • cd nodeservice
  • npm install
  • node index.js

To get LOTS more detail:

Blog article about this code base:


Attempting to get a rasperrypi to work for as a wand receiver...




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