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This repository contains Revisiting the Privacy Implications of Two-Way Internet Latency Data by Brian Trammell and Mirja Kühlewind, to appear in the proceedings of the 2018 Passsive and Active Measurement Conference, along with associated Jupyter notebooks.

The Jupyter notebooks contain all the code used to analyze measurements used in this paper; change to the notebooks directory in a working copy and run jupyter notebook.

  • The Atlas dataprep notebook will download measurements from RIPE Atlas, and can be configured to look at dates other than those we considered.

  • The Linear modeling notebook can be used to derive the linear distance models we used; however, the MONROE data is not included in the repository as we do not yet have permission to redistribute it.

  • Exclusion generates the plots of exclusion circles for each anchor.

  • The detailed ping experiment on the author's network in Section 4 appears in PingMe, and analysis of the RIPE second hop data appears in Atlas Second Hop

  • Analysis of initial data from the PingMe online application appears in the PingMe PTO notebook; the raw data it uses is not included in the repository, as it includes the IP addresses of people who provided us data by using the tool.


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