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This is a collection of definitions specified or referenced in the Web
platform specifications.

* Data files

In the "data/" directory:

  aria.json               ARIA
  browsers.json           Browser environment
  css.json                CSS
  css-colors.json         CSS colors
  css-fonts.json          CSS fonts
  digests.json            Digest algorithms
  dom.json                DOM
  dom-events.json         DOM events
  dom-perl.json           DOM Perl binding
  elements.json           HTML/XML elements
  encodings.json          Character encodings
  encoding-indexes.json   Indexes for character encodings
  errors.json             DOM errors
  file-name-extensions.json File name extensions
  headers.json            HTTP headers
  html-charrefs.json      HTML character references
  html-metadata.json      HTML metadata and link relations
  html-spec-svn-history.html List of HTML Standard SVN commits in 2006-2015
  html-syntax.json        HTML syntax
  html-tokenizer-expanded.json An HTML tokenizer description
  html-tree-constructor-expanded.json An HTML tree constructor description
  html-tree-constructor-expanded-no-isindex.json Ditto (historical)
  http-frames.json        HTTP/2 and WebSocket
  http-methods.json       HTTP request methods
  http-status-codes.json  HTTP status codes
  isindex-prompt.json     Default prompt text for <isindex> (historical)
  js-lexical.json         JavaScript syntax
  langtags.json           Language subtags
  microdata.json          Microdata vocabularies
  mime-types.json         MIME types
  ogp.json                OGP vocabulary
  psl-tests.json          Test data for public suffixes
  rdf.json                RDF
  selectors.json          Selectors
  specs.json              Relevant specifications
  temma-syntax.json       Temma syntax
  temma-tokenizer-expanded.json A Temma tokenizer description
  tlds.json               TLDs (top-level domains) and public suffixes
  tls.json                TLS (SSL)
  url-schemes.json        URL schemes
  webidl.json             Web IDL
  xhtml-charrefs.dtd      XML character references
  xml-datatypes.json      XML / RDF datatypes
  xml-syntax.json         XML syntax
  xml-tokenizer-expanded.json An XML tokenizer description
  xml-tree-constructor-expanded.json An XML tree constructor description
  xpath.json              XPath 1.0

See the "doc/" directory for data files' data structure.

List of country codes and currency codes are also included in
|data/langtags.json|.  See |doc/langtags.txt|.

List of XML document constraints are contained in

* How to use these files

Use the files in the |data| directory in the |master| branch of this
GitHub repository <>, by

  - git-cloning the repository, or

  - HTTPS |GET|ing files using URLs of "Raw" links in relevant
    GitHub Web pages.

These files are frequently updated.  You should setup some automated
way to periodically update your copy of these files rather than using
or deriving from a specific snapshot copy of these files.

* Contact

Wakaba <>.

These files are maintained as part of the manakai project

* License

You are granted a license to use, reproduce, and create derivative
works of these files.  See also documents under the "doc/" directory,
which might contain additional information.