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Complete user authentication code for flask & mongodb.
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Complete user authentication code for flask & mongodb.

It builds upon the flask-login package to provide complete user login, logout, password reset/change functionality.


Step 1. Create a class that will represent a 'User' in your application. It should extend flask_sauth.models.BaseUser class.

# auth/

from flask_sauth.models import BaseUser

class User( BaseUser):

Step 2: In your application configuration, add "USER_MODEL_CLASS" and make it point to the class path for your User class.

app.config["USER_MODEL_CLASS"] = "auth.models.User"

Step 3: During application initialization, reguster the flask_sauth blueprint.

from flask_sauth.views import auth_views

app.register_blueprint( auth_views)

Step 4: Take a look at the template files in the source (for reference) and add similar files to your templates/auth folder.

User Management Commands

To add user management commands to your flask-script, just add the following code snippet (to

import flask_sauth.commands

manager = Manager( app)

flask_sauth.commands.add_commands( manager)

This will add following commands to

  • add_user: for adding a user to the database.
  • add_role: Add a role to a user.
  • remove_role: Remove a role from a user.
  • show_roles: Show the roles a user has.
  • show_users: Show the list of users in the database.
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