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Releases: mangaki/mangaki

Mangaki "Kanamori €€€€" v0.7.4

25 Sep 19:49
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  • Welcome Python 3.10 adieu 3.7
  • Bump requirements notably Django 3 & security
  • Welcome Nix for deployment (thanks @RaitoBezarius)
  • Refresh database using Manami and Union-Find for deduplicating (thanks @jilljenn & review @RaitoBezarius)

Mangaki "Kanamori €€€" v0.7.3

01 Aug 14:54
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  • Deduplication with Manami
  • Fast full text search for anime
  • More info (date, references) is displayed on anime pages

Mangaki "Kanamori €€" v0.7.2

18 Feb 18:19
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Thanks to NLnet for supporting this work!

Mangaki "Kanamori €" v0.7.1

11 Dec 22:44
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  • Several methods for computing group recommendations (union, intersection)
  • People can add friends on and compute group recommendations

Mangaki "Kanamori" v0.7

17 Oct 13:05
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  • NLnet joins our partners
  • Improve install requirements and config (Poetry, Vagrant)
  • Fixes in layout and translation (thanks @Eien18 and @mirukyu)
  • Improve admin

Mangaki "Nazuna [iff]" v0.6.2

16 Aug 02:06
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  • Add online KNN, SVD & ALS
  • Put posters back ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
  • Fix Japanese and Chinese translations
  • Bump Bootstrap 4 and Django 2.2.4

Mangaki "Nazuna [if]" v0.6.1

09 Sep 13:10
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  • Bump number of recommendations to 8
  • By default, Manga/anime in profile are displayed with poster by default
  • Algorithms are now in a separate repository: Mangaki Zero
  • One can order their watchlist by top works
  • Card titles now have links (especially convenient for
  • Upgrade Circle CI to 2.0

Mangaki "Nazuna" v0.6

23 Aug 12:56
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Nazuna from Uchiage Hanabi

It's so hot, let's wear yukata and enjoy some fireworks! Hopefully they can bring back childhood memories.

New features

  • Mangaki is translated in 5 languages! (@jilljenn)
  • Background task looking automatically for duplicates (@RaitoBezarius) and merging them automatically according to some difficulty estimation (@jilljenn)
  • Improve AniList API (@RaitoBezarius)
  • Boost coverage (+4.2%, @jilljenn)
  • Add Surprise SVD algorithm and NDCG and DCG metrics (@jilljenn)

Bugs fixed

Mangaki "Tanya" v0.5

24 May 19:29
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  • Search for alternative titles (@mrsalixor)
  • Add factorization machines (FMA) in the algorithm toolkit (@jilljenn)
  • Upgrade to AniList API v2 (@mrsalixor)
  • Add Vue.js for retrieving myAnimeList (@RaitoBezarius)
  • Improve myAnimeList accuracy (@RaitoBezarius)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for rating anime (@RaitoBezarius)
  • Delete many deprecated models and Google Analytics (@Elarnon)
  • Export and delete accounts (@RaitoBezarius)
  • Explain use of personal data (@jilljenn)

Et à présent, vous pouvez savoir comment marche Mangaki !

Mangaki "Yuki" v0.4

03 Dec 14:39
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Nous sommes couverts par les tests et la neige.


Avec cette release, on a augmenté la couverture du code de 15 % ! Le déploiement est plus magique, et les imports myAnimeList sont plus jolis.