Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages

JavaScript 4 3


Schema-Aware Library for Validation and Edition (salve) implements RNG validation in pure JavaScript..

Updated Oct 13, 2016

Python 2 1


Selenic is a collection of Python code which is used for testing browser-based software through Selenium.

Updated Oct 4, 2016

JavaScript 9 6


Wed is a web-based editor that assists users in editing XML documents according to a schema.

Updated Aug 30, 2016

Python 0 5


forked from emory-libraries/eulexistdb

Utilities for accessing and searching objects in an eXist-db XML database using idiomatic Python, XPath, and XQuery

Updated Jun 3, 2016

Python 0 12


forked from emory-libraries/eulxml

Utilities for using XPath to map XML data to Python objects and Django forms

Updated May 30, 2016

Python 3 1


Buddhist Translators Workbench

Updated May 19, 2016

Python 1 0


A scraper designed to test the live BTW site.

Updated Apr 30, 2016

Python 1 0


Backup script for BTW. This is highly project-specific.

Updated Apr 27, 2016

Emacs Lisp 3 1


The software standards for Mangalam.

Updated Apr 4, 2016

Python 1 0


Utilities for testing wed with Selenium.

Updated Mar 17, 2016

JavaScript 0 716


forked from jsdoc3/jsdoc

An API documentation generator for JavaScript.

Updated Jun 2, 2013

Python 0 40


forked from bradleyayers/django-ace

Django-ace-editor is an implementation of the ajax.org Ace editor as a form widget.

Updated Jul 28, 2012