IZWebFileManager is featured File Manager control for ASP.NET Web Forms. It is compatible with most-used browsers like MS Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
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IZWebFileManager is available under the "dual licensing" model. Under this model, users may choose to use IZWebFileManager under the free software/open source GNU General Public License (commonly known as the "GPL") or under a commercial license. ISVs and Resellers, who are embedding and reselling IZWebFileManager as part of their own commercial solutions, can purchase a IZWebFileManager commercial license.


The Commercial License is an agreement with the copyright holders of IZWebFileManager for organizations that do not want to release their application source code. Commercially licensed users are free from the requirement of making their own application open source.

When your application is not licensed under either the GPL-compatible Free Software License as defined by the Free Software Foundation or approved by OSI, and you intend to or you may distribute IZWebFileManager software, you must first obtain a commercial license to the IZWebFileManager product.

Typical examples of IZWebFileManager distribution include:

    * Selling software that includes IZWebFileManager to customers who install the software on their own machines.
    * Selling software that requires customers to install IZWebFileManager themselves on their own machines.

The use of IZWebFileManager is granted according to one of the license types.

1. Professional License. (started from $9.99)
This license allows you and your company to include original binaries of IZWebFileManager in re-distributed products, but the source or
modified and recompiled IZWebFileManager code may not be distributed.
Under this license IZWebFileManager may only be included in other projects but will not be resold as a stand alone product.

2. Enterprise License. (started from $999.99)
This license is same as the Professional License but it allows you and your company to modify and recompile IZWebFileManager. Modified binaries of IZWebFileManager may be included in re-distributed products.
Modified source code may be distributed under GPL license only.

For purchase information please contact our sales representative at izwebfilemanager@gmail.com.