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New Manjaro Homepage

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Source code of our new launch page for Manjaro Linux

How to preview this on your local PC

  • Install hugo on Manjaro with yaourt -S hugo
  • clone this repository to your local pc with
  • change in the new dir with cd homepage
  • do a test run with hugo server
  • preview the homepage with any webbrowser from http://localhost:1313/

How to preview this current version

  • simply click on here

How to develop this homepage further

  • read the Beginners Guide of Hugo first
  • modify the theme in partials and static if needed
  • edit the config file to your needs
  • run a preview on your local machine with hugo server from your localhost
  • when satisfied run hugo to render the pages
  • check baseurl in public and change if needed
  • tell us about your fork

Adding content

News posts

Just do hugo new news/<name>.md to create the respective news entry. Each news entry has a news_archive property that lets the user look through previous news entries via archive. To create an archive, issue hugo new news-archive/<month>_<year>.md and modify the other settings. The most important one is the archive settings that lets HUGO associate the entries correctly.

Common problems

Due to HUGO's limitations, you cannot issue hugo new. The only way is to go to `content/support/commonproblems' and create a new entry manually (or just by copying and modifying an existing entry).

Other content

Not all content can be easily extended. All pages are based on markdown files in the content directory. There are two types of content:

  • "Dynamic" content
  • "Static" content

"Static" content is content that heavily interacts with its base template. For example the template will only insert most of the content by itself and only take the content of the markdown file for some description.

"Dynamic" content will be created completely by the markdown file and is indicated by type = "<anything>-post"


The homepage was designed to support translation. To translate the homepage, create a fork and edit the current language in config.toml. Also don't forget to modify the list of available languages and send your modifications upstream. Unfortunately there's no better way to create translations using HUGO.

All content was created to allow translation without skimming though the HTML templates. Just translate the entries in config.toml and all files in content.