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Laravel Nova Tiptap Field
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Laravel Nova Tiptap Editor Field

A Laravel Nova implementation of the tiptap editor for Vue.js by @scrumpy.


Install via composer:

composer require manogi/nova-tiptap

Usage with default settings:


This will give you just the bold and italic buttons.

You will also have to add this use statement to the top of the file:

use Manogi\Tiptap\Tiptap;

Usage with your selection of buttons:


When just passing the string 'heading' you will have H1, H2 and H3 to choose from. You can set the level of headings by using for example headingLevels(6) which will give you H1 through H6.

Note on the old way of setting heading levels

In older versions you could set the level of headings by using the object style notation like this: 'heading' => 6, This is still working, but is deprecated. It will be removed in the next minor version.

The two different "code" buttons

'code' is inline code (like <code></code>) while 'code_block' will give you <pre><code></code></pre>.


The tiptap editor with all the buttons:

the tiptap editor with all the buttons

The idea is that the editor can be themed together with the rest of Nova - here it is looking differently just by using the Laravel Nova Stripe Theme:

the tiptap editor with all the buttons


  • Add the option to upload or choose images and add them to to the content.
  • Easy option to style the text inside the editor.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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