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Customize Email Subject for MantisBT - This plugin is looking for a new maintainer !
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Customize Email Subject for MantisBT

Works with MantisBT 1.2.14 & 1.2.19 .

For my employer I developed this small plugin for Mantis bugtracker. We use it to add the status of a bug to each sent email.

In order to run this plugin, you have to patch the following files (no longer needed since MantisBT 1.2.16):

  • core/events_inc.php
  • core/email_api.php

The patches are available on bugtracker:

After you installed the patches and this plugin, you can edit the email subject on a config page. You can use these variables in the subject:

  • project_name
  • bug_id
  • summary
  • handler
  • priority
  • severity
  • reproducibility
  • status
  • resolution
  • projection
  • category
  • reason

You can combine the variables with any other text except the pipe(|) symbol. The pipe symbol is used to seperate the variables from the other text, e.g. "[|project_name| |bug_id| |status|]: |summary"

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