This MantisBT plugin allows you to import bugs with a CSV file.
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CSV Issues Importer

A plugin that imports issues from CSV files.


  • Download or clone the repository and place it under the MantisBT plugins folder. Make sure you get the correct version for your MantisBT (See Compatibility below).
  • Rename the folder to Csv_import (case sensitive)
  • Go to Manage - Manage Plugins and install the plugin.
  • Go to Manage - Import Issues


The plugin supports:

  • auto-creating users as part of import.
  • auto-creating categories as part of import.
  • custom fields importing.
  • importing as new issues.
  • updating issues after matching by ids.
  • updating issues after matching by selected fields assuming a single match.

A few hints about usability

  • Have a separate csv file per project.
  • Switch to the project before importing.
  • If the goal is to add the rows from csv, then make sure to map Id fields (if in CSV) to be ignored.
  • If the id is supplied, then issues with be updated based on data from the csv after matching by id.
  • Users that are auto-created will
    • be disabled
    • have random passwords,
    • have email as username@localhost.


Depending on which version of MantisBT you are using, please make sure to get the appropriate version of the source code. Use release tags, or the relevant branch in the Plugin's GitHub repository, as per the table below:

MantisBT version Plugin version Branch
2.x v2.x master
1.3.x v1.5.x master-1.3.x
1.2.x v1.4.1 master-1.2.x


Report issue in the MantisBT bug tracker under the Plugin - CsvImport project.

However, please note that this plugin is not actively supported by its original authors.