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A MantisBT plugin that redirects MantisBT access from mobile browsers to MantisTouch.
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MantisTouch Redirect

A plugin that automatically redirects from MantisBT to MantisTouch when a user is accessing MantisBT from a mobile browser. This plugin is designed to replace the $g_mantistouch_url config option in MantisBT v1.2.x.

This can be used along with your licensed instance of MantisTouch or the demo instance at

To disable the redirection, uninstall the plugin.

For more details about MantisTouch visit


  • Download or clone the repository and place it under the MantisBT plugins folder.
  • Go to Manage - Manage Plugins and install the plugin.
  • If MantisTouch is installed under 'm' subfolder, then set $g_mantistouch_url to '' in config_inc.php for MantisBT.
  • If MantisTouch is not installed under 'm' subfolder, then click on Plugin Name and set the MantisTouch URL or leave it blank to use

Pages that redirect

  • Login Page
  • View Issues Page
  • My View Page
  • Issue Report Page
  • Issue View Page - redirects to same issue within MantisTouch


  • MantisTouch doesn't support anonymous access.
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